Quill nibs

Draw or letter with a nib that's smooth as silk and skates over the paper. Perfect for calligraphy, broad line or broad point lettering, and drawing in large format. 

Our quill nibs emulate a feather quill except our quill nibs are more versatile and durable. Twist and turn the nib for different effects. Put a bit of pressure on the tip to broaden the stroke, then let up the pressure to make a narrow line. The tip springs back to its original shape as soon as you relieve the pressure. You can trim our quill nibs just like you can shape a feather quill.

Our quill nibs also emulate reed pens. You can cut chisel edges, pointed tips, and everything in between.

You get one quill nib and one quill stick with each Quill Nib Studio Pump Pen. You can cut a quill nib stick into several quill nibs to give you months of clean drawing. 

Read more about shaping quill nibs

Pick your quill nib size

We provide quill nibs in three sizes:

  • Small size quill nibs are ideal for thinner inks and paints, and for drawing thinner lines and finer work.
  • Medium size quill nibs are ideal for working with a wider range of inks and paints and drawing thin to medium width lines - these nibs are similar to geniune feather quills
  • Large size quill nibs are best for bold work and thicker inks and paints, and the large size of the tip lets you cut the widest range of shapes and widths
All of our pens will hold our quill nibs, except pens that have been configured for overfeeds. A sleeve is provided with medium size quill nibs so they fit securely. 

    What you get in this package

    • Four quill nib sticks
    • Instructions for cutting and shaping

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