Using adaptors

Adaptors are devices that let you use a variety of nibs in the same Pump Pen. We provide adaptors for the most popular dip nibs. You insert the adaptor into the front of the Pump Pen and go to work. You can leave the adaptor in the Pump Pen, or you can remove it to use another type of nib in another adaptor. All adaptors are identical on the outside. They only vary on the inside. 

Adaptors serve two purposes - as a collar and as a plug.

Adaptors as collars

Each adaptor serves as a collar for the nib and feed. The adaptor holds the two together in a tight fit and permits ink and paint to flow through to the nib and onto the surface of whatever you are drawing on. In traditional fountain pen terminology, adaptors are similar to sections, however, a true section consists of the entire front end of a fountain pen whereas our adaptors are just inserts. 

Some adaptors take just one type of nib, for example, the Speedball adaptor, the Mitchell adaptor, and the Crowquill adaptor. Each of these is designed for a nib with a specific design and shape indicated by the name of the adaptor. 

Other adaptors can take more than one type of nib as long as the nibs share a similar size and shape. The Manga G adaptor accepts most Manga G nibs (not the Zebra brand), as well as the Brause Bandzug, Brause Rose, our Sketch and Music nibs, as well as Hunt 56 and Hunt 99 nibs. That is the most universal adaptor we have. 

Adaptors as plugs

Adaptors also serve as plugs. The adaptor is designed to plug the front of the pump and prevent it from leaking. Seating the adaptor correctly is important. This is describe below in Reassembling adaptors.

Most adaptors let you remove the nib and feed to clean or replace them. The Crowquill adaptor is the one exception. The feed is permanently attached to the adaptor so it is easy to remove and replace the nib - just slide it off and on. The crowquill nib is a very small nib, and a loose feed will get lost quickly. 

Cleaning adaptors

To clean an adaptor, remove it from the Pump Pen, then remove the nib and feed. Clean all three parts and dry.

The Crowquill adaptor is an exception. Just remove it from the Pump Pen and run warm water through the adaptor until it runs clean. 

Reassembling adaptors

To reassemble an adaptor, place the nib on the feed, then insert the nib/feed unit into the adaptor from the front end. The adaptor is designed to stop the feed once you have fully inserted it. 

In some cases, you might have to adjust the nib and feed to get a perfect fit. Keep your eyes on the two tynes of the nib - make sure they are not separated. If the tynes separate, even if only slightly, twist the nib and feed to find a better fit, what we call the sweet spot. You can also slide the nib forwards or backwards on the feed to relieve or increase the pressure. Dip nibs are cheap nibs and mass produced at low cost, so they can vary in size and shape from one production batch to the next. Most nibs will fit the same again and again, but there are exceptions.