Crowquill adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify your pen so you can draw with a crowquill nib. The Hunt 102 crowquill nib is provided in the adaptor. 

Adaptors let you adapt your Pump Pen or Fountain Pen for use with a different type of nib. 

You can remove the crowquill nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and replace it with the new nib. You can use any crowquill or hawk quill nib in this adaptor, including those made by Hunt, Gillott, Deleter and Brause. We could call this our "Quill adaptor", but most people search for our pens using a specific nib name. Make sure you line up the hole in the feed with the hole in the crowquill as described in Adjusting the in flow in your Ackerman quill pen.

You can add five Hunt 102 crowquills to your order .

If you want to order this adaptor for an earlier model pen, please send a message to

Two choices of size

Be sure to order the right size for your Gen 10 pen. You have two choices: adaptors for pens with overfeeds/inserts and without. Select Yes below if your pen has an overfeed or insert, otherwise, No is the default selection. 

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