Manga G Zebra Classic Pump Pen

Draw or write with our Manga G Zebra Classic Pump Pen, ideal for filling in large areas such as backgrounds and forcing more medium for the quick surge you need. Ideal, too, for thicker inks and paints that don't flow easily. 

Double your ink or paint volume by removing the reservoir and filling the pen body directly without worrying about leakage. 


One Classic Pump Pen
One Manga G Zebra Nib
One matching overfeed

Other Nibs You Can Use: 

Brause Rose and Ornamental
Hunt Drawing 22B, 56, and 101 ()Imperial)
Manga G Nikko and Tachikawa
Super Sketch

Order one of our adapters — sold separately — and use Crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs as well. Order one of our Brush Tools — sold separately — and wash your drawings with color.

This classic pump pen ships without an overfeed, a device used to extend the width and range of your lines. You can order this pen with the overfeed if you'd like. 


Available: 421 units in stock

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