Manga G Nikko Classic Pump Pen

The Manga G Nikko Classic Pump Pen lets you draw and write with our Classic Pump Pen and a Manga G Nikko nib! A pump pen is ideal for encouraging the flow of ink or paint, especially if you're working with large backgrounds or with a medium that doesn't flow as easily as you'd like. 


One Classic Pump Pen
One Manga G Nikko nib
One matching feed

The Manga G Nikko Classic Pump Pens ships without the overfeed, which extends the length and width of your lines, unless you select the overfeed option at checkout. 

Other Nibs You Can Use:

Brause Rose
Hunt 22B, 56, and 101
Manga G Tackikawa and Zebra
Super Sketch

Order one of our adapters — sold separately — and use the Gillott 303 nibs, too.

Available: 320 units in stock

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$ 24.95
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