Brause Rose Classic Fountain Pen

Draw and letter with a Brause Rose Classic Fountain Pen, featuring a Brause Rose nib combined with an Ackerman Classic Fountain Pen — a favorite with artists and calligraphers who appreciate a fine line and  flexibility.

Use any ink — including India — or acrylic paint! Large capacity cartridge and a screw cap prevents leakage. 


One Classic Fountain Pen
One Brause Rose nib and matching feed

Additional Nibs You Can Use:

Hunt 22B, 56, 99, and 101
Manga G Niko
Manga G Tachikawa
Manga G Zebra

An optional overfeed is also available, a tool that extends the width and range of your lines. Purchase the Brush Tool separately to wash your drawings with water or diluted ink. 

Use one of our adapters to utilize Crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs as well!

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