Overfeed, one

An overfeed is a device that when used correctly can expand the width and length of your drawn lines. An overfeed can increase the range of your thin and thick lines by a factor of ten, which means your thickest line will be ten times as thick as your thinnest line. 

Our overfeeds are suitable for use in our pens only and are designed for large flexible pointed nibs, such as the Brause Rose and Manga G nibs. 

The overfeed increases the capacity of ink held by the nib, and continues to feed ink to the tip of then nib when the nib flexes back off the underfeed. 

Read Why you need to use overfeeds with flexible dip nibs.

Note: The product picture shows two overfeeds. You receive one overfeed with your order. The photo is arranged to give you a different views of the overfeed. 

Using overfeeds

You don't have to use the overfeed, but we strongly recommend it for flexible dip nibs. 

An overfeed is a device that rests on top of a flexible nib, stores additional ink for use by the nib, and feeds the ink to the nib when it flexes back and off the underfeed. As a result, the overfeed lets you draw a wider range of thick lines, sometimes two or three times as wide as you would otherwise draw. You can see a comparison of the results below. 

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