Classic Pump Pen and Fountain Pen Set

Our Classic Pump Pen and Fountain Pen set contains our two Classic pen models and our three most popular nibs - Brause Rose, Manga G Zebra, and our Sketch nib. Draw, letter and write with three popular flexible nibs fitted to our Classic Fountain Pen and Classic Pump Pen. Artists enjoy these nibs because of their fine line, wide line variation, and durability.


  • Use any ink - even India ink and most drawing paints - you cannot plug up this pen
  • Slip nibs in and out to change the shape of your drawn line
  • Slip feeds in and out to change the flow rate
  • Easy to clean - disassemble the pen to clean it in 20 seconds
  • Large capacity reservoir lets you draw all day - remove the reservoir to double your carrying capacity
  • Optional overfeed that can extend the width and lenth of your drawn lines

When using the Pump Pen, you press the pump to encourage the ink flow - you get what you press, from a drop to a gush - ideal for filling in large areas, kick starting a new nib, or working with smaller nibs, especially the crowquill.

What you get

  • One Classic Fountain Pen
  • One Classic Pump Pen
  • Three nibs: Brause Rose, Manga G Zebra and our Sketch nib
  • Two matching standard flow feeds - one feed for each pen
  • Overfeed if you select the option
  • Instructions for use

Other nibs you can use

  • Brause Bandzug, Ornamental and Rose
  • Hunt drawing nibs 22B, 56, and 101
  • Manga G nibs made by Nikko and Tachikawa
  • Principal nibs made by Leonardt
  • Our quill nibs
  • Our Sketch nibs and Music nibs, which emulate Manga G nibs but skates freely over the paper in all directions
  • Smaller nibs including crowquills and Gillott 303 nibs when used in our adaptors

Optional accessories

  • Purchase the optional overfeed, which can expand the width of your drawn lines and extend the length you can draw them - for more info, see using our overfeeds
  • Attach our Brush Tool to the back of the pen to wash your drawings with water or diluted ink, or paint your drawings with watercolor - for more details see using our Brush Tool

For more information

$ 74.95
$ 74.95

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