Quill Nib Clear Demo Fountain Pen

Draw, letter and write with a quill nib in our Clear Demo Fountain pen. Quill nibs are smooth, flexible nibs that emulate a feather quill or reed pen depending on the size. Our quill nibs skate over paper effortlessly.

We looked for plastic material that would behave like metal nibs, but there is no plastic with as good a "memory" as certain specialized metals. Then we discovered that folder acetate film could give us nibs with the memory of metal and the smoothness of plastic.

Note: Our quill nibs are 100% recyclable and help us build pens and pen products that don't pollute our environment.

Many great masters used feather quills and reed pens to make exquisite drawings, including William Blake, John Ruskin, and Vincent Van Gogh. You can see a few of these sketches in our product photos.


  • Quill nibs skate across the paper effortlessly - it's like drawing on slick paper
  • You can twist and bend the quill nib to create different drawing effects while the pen holds the nib securely in place
  • You can use any ink, including India ink and acrylic paint. Quill nibs are ideal with thicker inks and paints that don't work well with other nibs and brushes
  • You can shape quill nibs for your purpose - everything from a chisel tip through pointed tip to "handed nib" for right or left handed drawers
  • You can buy quill sticks that let you cut your own quill nibs to specific lengths
  • Once you exhaust a quill nib from futher use, you can throw it away without worrying about adding to the world's plastic polution.

Note: Quill nibs are not plastic nibs. They are made from clear acetate, so 100% recylable. We are trying to move towards more environmental friendly materials where we can.

Quill nib sizes

  • Small quill nibs behave like a genuine feather quill pen
  • Medium quill nibs provide the advantages of both small and large nibs
  • Large quill nibs emulate reed pens and have a stiffer feel - the broader edge lets you cut a wider range of shapes for different line widths

What you get

  • One Clear Piston Demo Fountain Pen
  • Three quill nibs each with a chisel tip - select your size
  • Instructions for use
  • Instructions for shaping quill nibs

Other nibs you can use

  • Brause Bandzug, Ornamental and Rose nibs
  • Hunt drawing nibs 22B, 56 and 101 Imperial
  • Manga G nibs made by Nikko, Tachikawa, and Zebra
  • Principal nibs from Leonardt
  • Our Sketch nibs and Music nibs

You can buy replacement quill nibs and quill nib sticks.

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