Gillott 303 Piston Demo Fountain Pen

Draw, write and letter with a Gillot 303 nib fitted to our Clear Demonstrator Piston Filler Fountain Pen. These are clear see-through fountain pens that you fill using a piston. This is the easiest and cleanest method to fill and empty a pen. The Gillot 303 nib is enjoyed by lots of artists because of its soft fine tip, tremendous flex, and great line variatioin. This nib could be the oldest dip nib still in use, possibly 150 years old. 

  • Use any ink - even India ink and most drawing paints - you cannot plug up this pen
  • Slip nibs and and out to change your line shape
  • Slip feeds in and to adjust your flow rate
  • Easy to clean the pen - you can disassemble in in 20 seconds
  • Large capacity reservoir lets you draw all day
  • See through reservoir lets you keep your eye on the color you're using and the amount that's left


  • One Clear Demonstrator Piston Filler Fountain Pen
  • One Gillott 303 nib
  • One matching standard flow feed

Other nibs you can use

  • Other small nibs including crowquills and Hawk quills when used in our adapters

You can also use the following nibs along with our large nib feeds:

  • Brause Rose, Bandzug and Ornamental
  • Manga G nibs by Nikko, Tachikawa and Zebra
  • Principal nibs made by Leonardt
  • Our Sketch nib, which emulates a Manga G nib but skates freely over the paper in all directions


  • Choose your color for cap and piston
$ 24.95
$ 24.95

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