Brush Tool

Use this tool to wash your drawings or add color. 

Fill the tool with water, press it onto the back of your Fountain Pen or Pump Pen, and wash your line drawings or add another color.  

You can use any liquid that flows freely, water, ink wash, or watercolor. 

Once the Brush Tool is on your Fountain Pen or Pump Pen, you draw lines with the nib, spin the pen in your hand, then wash your drawn lines using water or a dilute ink solution. This is a great way to add shading and tonal value, which adds depth and character. Laying down the ink line is the first step, but washing the line adds subtlety that's not possible using a flex nib alone. 

You can also dip the Brush Tool filled with water into paint and add color to your drawings. This is especially effective when you use water color pans in travel kits.  

You can purchase additional brushes. They're easy to replace, just pull out the old brush with the ferrule, slip the new brush into the ferrule, press the ferrule with brush into the pen and off you go.