Manga G Tachikawa Classic Fountain Pen

Our Manga G Tachikawa Classic Fountain Pen features a Manga G Tachikawa nib, which is popular with a wide range of artists. Use any ink — including India — or any acrylic paint. Press the pump when you want a stronger flow without the gush. The large capacity cartridge lets you draw all day without worrying about refills. 


One Classic Fountain Pen
One Manga G Tachikawa nib
One matching feed
Other Nibs You Can Use:
Brause Rose
Hunt Drawing 22B, 56, and 101 (Imperial)
Manga G Nikko and Zebra
Principal (Leonardt)
Sketch (Super)

Order one of our adapters ‚ sold separately — for use with Crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs as well. 

You can order this pen with an overfeed, a device designed to extend the width and range of your lines. We ship without an overfeed by default. 


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