Crowquill Classic Fountain Pen

The Crowquill Class Fountain Pen has a constrained ink flow due to its tubular design. Use any ink or acrylic paint, including India ink. The large capacity reservoir lets you draw all day without worrying about refills. 

Double the medium volume by removing the reservoir and filling the pen body. 


One Class Fountain Pen
One Crowquill adapter
One Hunt 102 nib

Other Nibs You Can Use: 

All Crowquills, including Speedball

Order Our Large Nib Feed — sold separately — and use:

Brause Rose
Hunt 22B, 56. 99, and 101 (Imperial)
Manga G Nikko, Tachikawa, and Zebra
Sketch (Super)

Order our Gillott 303 Adapter — sold separately — and use the Gillott 303 nib. But, we recommend pump pens with crowquills. 

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