Classic Fountain Pen Set

Our Classic Fountain Pen Set contains an Ackerman Pens Classic Fountain pen and three of our most popular nibs: Brause Rose, Manga G Zebra, and Sketch. 

Use any ink — even India — or acrylic paint. The large capacity reservoir allows you to draw all day without worrying about a refill. Screw cap prevents leakage. 


One Classic Fountain Pen
Three nibs: Brause Rose, Manga G Zebra, and Sketch
One matching overfeed

The overfeed is designed to allow you to draw wider lines for a longer time using a flexible nib. 

Order one of our Brush Tools to wash your drawing with water, diluted ink, or watercolor too. 

Other Nibs You Can Use:

Hunt 22B, 56, 99, and 101

Order one of our Adapters and use the Crowquill or Gillot 303 nibs as well. 

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