Gillott 303 nibs, five

Five Gillott 303 nibs. Very flexible and springy. Suitable for use in:

  • Gillott 303 Fountain Pen
  • Gillott 303 Pump Pen
  • Gillott 303 Demonstrators 

Be sure to read Preparing dip nibs for use in our pens if you are unfamiliar with Gillott nibs. 

Note: We are currently out of stock with Gillott 303 nibs. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Gillott 303 nibs vary in quality. Some have tucked in edges, which make them difficult to seat properly on feeds. Check your 303 nibs carefully before using them in fountain pens
  • Gillott 303 nibs are made from spring steel, which rusts easily. Try to keep your 303 nibs dry and clean. Leaving them in a fountain pen encourages rust. 


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