Quill Nib Classic Pump Pen

Quill nibs are smooth, flexible nibs that emulate a feather quil or reed depending on the size of the nib. Our Quill Nib Classic Pump Pen holds quill nibs securely while you twist and bend the quill nib to create different drawing effects. Lots of drawings by the great masters, including William Blake, John Ruskin, and Vincent Van Gogh used feather quills and reed pens to make their drawings. Shape the tip to your liking. Quill nibs skate across the paper effortlessly. You can use any ink, including India, or acrylic paint, even enamel and lacquer. Quill nibs are ideal with the thickest inks and paints.

Quill Nib Sizes

  • Small quill nibs behave like a feather quill
  • Medium quill nibs provide the advantages of both small and large quill nibs
  • Large quill nibs behave like reed pens and provide a wider range of line shapes and widths

For more info, see About quill nibs.


  • One Classic Fountain Pen
  • Three quill nibs with chisel tip - select your size

Other pens with quill nibs

How to information

  • Using quill nibs, which introduces you to quill nibs and how to use them
  • Shaping quill nibs, which describes how to shape the tip of your quill nibs to draw lines with different shapes

Metal Nibs You Can Use

You can use metal nibs in this pen, but you have to purchase the proper feed for large nibs or adapter for small nibs. 

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