Sketch Nib Clear Demo Fountain Pen

Draw, write and letter with our Super Sketch nib fitted to our Clear Demo Fountain Pen. These are clear see-through fountain pens that you fill using a piston. Nothing can be easier or cleaner than that. Our Super Sketch nib is designed to emulate a Manga G nib but skate smoothly over the surface of paper. Manga G nibs can catch and snag on paper, but not our Sketch nibs. These are flexible and durable drawing nibs that last a long time. You can polish the tip to keep a fine point, medium point or broad point, and then switch to another point shape.

  • Use any ink - even India ink and most drawing paints - you cannot plug up this pen
  • Slip nibs and and out to change your line shape
  • Slip feeds in and to adjust your flow rate
  • Easy to clean the pen - you can disassemble in in 20 seconds
  • Large capacity reservoir lets you draw all day
  • See through reservoir lets you keep your eye on the color you're using and the amount that's left


  • One Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pen
  • One Sketch nib nib
  • One matching standard flow feed
  • Instructions for us

Other nibs you can use

  • Brause Rose, Bandzug and Ornamental
  • Hunt drawing nibs 22B, 56, and 101
  • Manga G nibs by Nikko, Tachikawa and Zebra
  • Our Music nibs
  • Principal nibs made by Leonardt
  • Smaller nibs including crowquills and Gillott 303 nibs fitted to our adapters


  • Choose your color for cap and piston

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$ 24.95
$ 24.95

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