Quill Nibs

Quill nibs emulate feather quills and reed pens and skate over paper effortlessly. They are durable and expressive tools to draw, write and letter with. You can twist and turn the nib for different effects. You can also cut the nib to shape chisel edges, pointed tips, and every shape in between. Enjoy the experience of feeling the smooth nib skate across the paper.

You get three quill nibs of the same size when you order a quill nib pen. Each small and medium size quill nib comes in its own adaptor, which lets you fit different size quill nibs into the same pen. You can order more adaptors for small and medum quill nibs. Large quill nibs do not need an adaptor. 

Quill nibs are cut from quill quill nib sticks. We produce quill nib sticks, then cut them into quill nibs.

It's easy to insert quill nibs into pens - the large nibs slip right in. Medium and small nibs need their adaptor, so you slip both the quill nib and the adaptor into the pen at the same time.

Three quill nib sizes

  • Small quill nibs behave like genuine feather quills from a goose or turkey. You must use an adapter to insert these nibs into our pens. We provide the adaptor with the pen your order.
  • Medium quill nibs are slightly stiffer than small quill nibs but not as rigid as large quill nibs. You must use an adaptor to insert these nibs into our pens. We provide the adaptor with the pen your order.
  • Large quill nibs behave like reed pens and let you cut a wider range of line shapes and widths. You do not need an adaptor to use these nibs in our pens.

Quill nib pens

We provide the following pens with quill nibs:

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