Wash tool

Use this tool to wash your ink drawings when using one of our black Fountain Pens or Pump Pens.

Note: This tool will begin shipping October 15, 2019. We will ship it to owners of our black pens sold from 2018 on. If the pen has a knob on the back, as shown below, this tool should fit. 

Knob on end of pen

Just fill the tool with water and press it onto the back of the pen. You can now draw as usual using the nib, and when you want to wash your drawn line, spin the pen half a turn and apply water using the brush.

This is a great way to add shading to your drawings, which gives them more depth and character. Laying down the proper ink line is the first step, and it's the most important step. A good flexible nib in a skilled hand can lift the drawn line from 2D to 3D, but washing the line adds shading and subtlety that's not possible to get through flex alone.

You can blend the water with ink to get darker shading. Since the wash tool snaps onto the back of the pen, there is no double wall to protect against leakage, so we recommend water only except for the brave.

You can purchase additional brushes. They are easy to replace, just pull out the old with the ferrule, insert the new brush inside the ferrule, press the new brush and ferrule into the tool, and away you go.

We provide caps for both ends of the wash tool when it's not in use. This protects the brush and lets you carry the tool filled with water if you prefer. We recommend that you carry a separate container of water, such as a little squeeze bottle, and fill the wash tool just before you snap it onto your pen.

You can pull the tool off your pen when you no longer want to use it. Push it on, pull it off.