Three Pack of Feeds

Our three most popular feeds for large nibs, including the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and our Sketch nibs.

These feeds provide three different flow rates.

  • Fine works with thinner inks
  • Standard works with the widest range of inks and paints, but can be slow for thicker media
  • Rich works with India inks and thinner acrylic paints, such as Golden Hi-Flow.

These descriptions are "rules of thumb". We can't predict which feed will work best for you, so try them all, see what works, and switch feeds when you switch inks with widely divergent viscosities.

There are many variables that control the flow rate of ink through pen feeds. The most important variable is the type of ink you use, the viscosity and surface tension. 

You can insert and remove these feeds by hand. If they become stuck due to dried ink, you can use a firm rod to poke out the stuck feed. You can also use our Front End Tool to help remove feeds and nibs when they get stuck in the pen, and remove nibs and feeds from adaptors.