Super Sketch Piston Demo Fountain Pen

Our Super Sketch Piston Demo Fountain Pen lets you draw, write, and letter using our Super Sketch nib in a piston filling clear demonstrator fountain pen. Use any ink, even India ink, and most drawing paints. Slip the nibs in and out. 

The large capacity reservoir lets you draw all day without having to worry about refilling. Keep your eye on the color you are using and the quantity that remains. 

Super Sketch nibs are flexible, letting you draw in every direction imaginable with speed and ease. Perfect for sketching. Modeled after the Manga G nib, our Super Sketch nibs won't catch or snag on the paper. Built to last, polish and shape them to suit. 

Order an adapter, sold separately, for use with Crowquill, Gillott 303, or quill nibs. 


One Piston Demo Fountain Pen
One Super Sketch nib
One matching feed

Other Nibs You Can Use

Brause Rose and Ornamental
Hunt Drawing 22B, 56, 99, and 101 (Imperial)
Manga G Niko, Tachikawa, and Zebra

Choose your color

Pick a pen with blue cap and piston or black cap and piston.

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