Speedball Fountain Pen

If you enjoy drawing or lettering with a Speedball nib, you will love this pen. This accepts any Speedball nib and feeds ink to the nib automatically. 

    We have been out of stock with this pen for some time. Our first attempts to create the right type of feed were not as successful as we would have liked. With more work, we were finally able to fashion a feed that works with all Speedball nibs in a fountain pen. 

    The Speedball nib is popular with a wide variety of artists, including fine artists, illustrators, sketchers, and calligraphers. There are five categories of Speedball nibs, including:

    • A tips for writing
    • B tips for drawing
    • C tips for calligraphy
    • LC tips for left handed calligraphy

    You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old Speedball nib and stick in the new nib.

    This pen is dedicated to Speedball Lettering nibs only. 

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