Small nib feeds

Our smaller nib feeds support popular drawing nibs, such as the Gillott 303, Leonardt Principal and Manga G nibs made by Tachikawa and Nikko. 

These nibs are designed to be held inside an adaptor, which adapts the smaller and nib and feed to our Fountain Pens and Pump Pens. You insert the nib and feed into the adaptor, then you insert the adaptor into the front of the pen. 

    You can usually insert and remove the adaptors, nibs and feeds by hand, however, all these pieces can get stuck in place with ink or paint dries. We sell our Front End Tool that lets you remove adaptors, nibs and feeds when they get stuck, but you can also use a firm rod that fits into the ink channel of the pen. 

    There are many other nibs that work with these feeds, and we hope to publish the list soon. 

    We also produce large nib feeds, which support the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and our Sketch nibs, as well as a list of other less popular nibs.