Small Demonstrator Large Nib Kit

If you like to take out your pen and start drawing with a large nib, this is the pen kit for you. The kit provides one Manga G Small Demonstrator Fountain Pen with two other large nibs - the Brause Rose and our Sketch nib. Three large flexible nibs for one pen.

The Zeba Manga G is a big flexible nib that provides a wide range of line widths, from hairline to broad stroke. 

The Brause Rose is an even larger nib (slightly) that is more flexible than the Manga G.  

Our Sketch doesn't come to as fine a point as the Brause Rose and the Zebra Manga G, but you can move our nib in any direction smoothly. That's the tradeoff - range of quick motion vs. hair lines. 

The product image shows the pen without a cap and the two nibs outside their packaging. The package you receive looks like this.

Small Demonstrator Large Nib Kit packed

The pen is capped, and the two nibs are secured inside a plastic tube to protect them during shipment and when not in use.

Other nibs you can use

You can use other large nibs in this pen, such as the Brause Rose, Brause Bandzug and our Sketch nibs. Just pull out the Manga G nib and insert your choice. 

You can also use other adaptors in this pen, which extend the variety of nibs you can use in one pen. 

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