Sketch nib version 2

Our Sketch nib version 2 is an improved model of our first Sketch nib, version 1.

All our Sketch nibs are strong flexible fountain pen nib designed for quick sketching with great line variation. This nib has the same size and general shape as the Zebra Manga G and Brause Rose nibs, so it fits into all of our pens that accept those nibs.

The Sketch nib is not as fine as the Zebra Manga G, but it is smoother so you can move the Sketch nib freely in all directions. This lets you draw quickly and confidently. This contrasts most pointed dip nibs, including the Zebra Manga G nib, which can snag when you push the nib in the direction of the tip. 

Sketch nib version 2 has been improved over version 1 several ways. It is more flexible, better finished, and the fit of nib to feed is tighter. See Sketch nib version 2. Currently we only sell Sketch nib version 2 to owners of our current Sketch NIb Fountain Pen. 


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