Sketch Nib Pump Pen

If you enjoy drawing with a strong yet flexible nib that gives you good line variation but won't snap or rust, you will enjoy this pen. It contains our Sketch nib, which lays down a nice rich line and lasts for a long time with proper care. 

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and insert the new nib. 

You can also use all Manga G nibs in this pen as well as the Brause Rose and Brause Bandzug nibs. It's possible you can use more nibs, we haven't checked them all. 

Our Sketch nib has a similar size and shape as the Manga G nib, however, the tip doesn't come to as sharp a point. This lets you move the nib through a wider range without the nib catching or skipping on the paper, and it leaves a rich line of ink behind. 

If you want to use an overfeed with our Sketch nib, see our Sketch Nib Pump Pen with Overfeed. 

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