Sketch Nib Feed

Use this feed so you can draw and write with our Sketch nib in our pens.

Note: This is the same feed as our Large Nib Feed. We provide it separately for people who focus on our Sketch nibs only. 

Polishing Sketch nibs

Sketch nibs are similar to traditional fountain pens and last much longer than dip nibs. Paper is rough, so your Sketch nibs will need polishing from time to time on the underside of the tip.

You can use lapping paper to smooth your Sketch nibs, or you can use a piece of paper from a brown bag. Tear off a section measuring two or three inches to a side, wet the paper, and draw lazy circles and figures eights, then test the nib on your favorite drawing paper. Usually a few seconds of polishing is sufficient. Avoid over polishing.

You can also reshape the tip with more vigorous polishing if you want a special effect, such as left oblique or stub.  

Other nibs you can use

You can also use the following nibs with this feed:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Brause Rose
  • Most other Brause nibs
  • Several Osmiroid nibs including their Sketch nib
  • Hunt nibs 22B, 56, and 101 Imperial

You can insert and remove this feed by hand.

Change Your Feed Flow Rate

  • Standard flow feed works with most popular drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic
  • Rich flow feed works with thicker inks and paints, especially traditional India inks and acrylic paints

We recommend the standard flow unless you are working with exceptionally thick inks. 

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