Sketch Large Demonstrator Fountain Pen

A large crystal clear fountain pen with a piston filling mechanism. If you like to draw with a Sketch nib, keep track of your ink use, fill it cleanly and quickly, and handle a pretty pen, this is the pen for you. 

The pen contains our standard underfeed and a Sketch nib. You can replace the nib easily - just pull it out and stick in the new nib. Close fit, nice ink flow. 

You have two choices of Sketch nib: pointed or stub. Be sure to make your selection below. We suggest you select the pointed Sketch nib if you aren't familiar with stub nibs. Pointed Sketch nibs let you draw finer lines. 

This is a large pen measuring 5.25" uncapped and 5.5" capped. You can't post this pen (put the cap on the back) because of the piston turn knob. 

Manga G Large Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Great for sketching in the field as well and in the studio. Beautiful pen to handle. Crystal clear. 

You can keep your eye on the color ink you're using and how much is left to work with. You can also see if any ink leaked into the cap before uncapping the pen. 

To fill the pen, unwind the piston by twisting the back knob, stick the nib into your container of ink, then twist the knob in the other direction to suck up the ink. Large capacity see through reservoir.  

You can add five Sketch or Sketch Stub nibs to your order. 

Adjustments you can make

You can adjust the positions of the nib and feed to find the sweet spot for your pen. We try to make the nib and feed fit correctly, but you are dealing with a cheap dip nib. Slide the nib back and forth on the feed and slide the feed in and out of the pen until you find the right combination that works for you. 

Using other nibs in this pen

You can use the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose and Brause Bandzug nibs in this pen. 


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