Plastic embouchure nibs

Draw or letter with a nib that's smooth as silk and glides over the paper. Perfect for calligraphy, lettering and unstructured drawing. 

These nibs were originally called Braun Embouchure nibs. The term "embouchure" refers to the shape of a mouth, which is similar to the shape of these nibs. Made from smooth plastic, these nibs skate over paper. They can take various shapes as you press on the nib to alter the shape of the tip, also as you trim the nib to the shape you want to use. 

You twist and turn the nib for different effects. Roll the nib on its edge, stand it on end, drag it around quickly, and you will discover the range of lines you can make. If you use an especially smooth paper, such as Rhodia or Clairefontaine, your drawing experience is almost magical. You can do more with our plastic nibs than you can with metal nibs. 

You can also shape the nib to your preference. Cut and snip to the shape you want. Learn over time what works best for you, then keep your nibs trimmed for use. You aren't going to get hairlines, but you can draw thin lines to very thick and every line in between. 

Embouchure nibs fit into our plastic nib pens

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