Music nib

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One Music nib.

Note: We sold out of this nib within three months of the first production. Over the Christmas holidays we found ten extra nibs hidden away. They are now up for sale until they sell out. 

Our Music nib is similar to our Sketch nibs. They are made from the same material, and approximate each other in shape. Our Music nib provides a richer flow of ink to the tip because there are two ink channels instead of the standard one ink channel.

Music nibs were originally designed to draw Western musical notation by drawing a wide down stroke and a thinner cross stroke. Over time, writers and drawers have come to appreciate their remarkable qualities in providing a rich flexible line for whatever purpose.

Our Music nibs are flexible, so you can vary the width of the thick down stroke. 

You can use our Music nibs in all of our pens that accept large nibs.

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