Marker adaptor

If you enjoyed drawing with the famous Design Marker, you can recover that joy by using this adaptor in your Pump Pen or Fountain Pen. This adaptor provides the same marker tip that was used in the Design Marker pen so loved by artists who used it years ago.

The Design Marker was a canister marker pen with a compressible tip and rich dark ink that was very popular several decades ago. It was manufactured by Eberhard Faber. The two advantages of the pen were the dark black ink and the compressible tip, which behaved almost like a flexible metal nib. You could vary the width of your drawn line by increasing or decreasing your hand pressure on the pen. The two drawbacks were the xylene-based ink that was somewhat toxic, and the fact that the ink ran out before the tip wore down. That pen was discontinued because of the xylene in the ink. Read this bog entry for more information about the Design Marker pen

With this adaptor you can now use the same compressible tip and ink of your choice. We don't recommend India ink or acrylic paint because those will not flow through the marker tip. You can use any of the thinner inks and paints that have become so popular with pen and ink artists. If you use this adaptor in our Pump Pen, you can use slightly thicker inks and paints and use the pump to encourage the flow. We don't recommend toxic inks, but the choice is yours.

Note: Be sure to select the right adaptor for your pen. You have two choices depending on whether your pen contains an overfeed or spacer. If it does, select Yes below, otherwise accept the default No. 

You can purchase additional markers and replace them easily. Just pull out the old marker tip and insert the new tip. 

We also provide this marker tip in the Marker Pump Pen and Marker Fountain Pen.

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