Manga G Zebra with Overfeed adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify our fountain pen so you can draw with a Zebra Manga G nib and an overfeed. 

  • Contains one Manga G nib by Zebra and matching feed
  • Contain one overfeed, which helps widen and lengthen your drawn lines. It stores ink on top of the nib, and continues to feed ink to the tip of the nib when the nib flexes back and lifts off of the underfeed. 

    All our fountain pens come with one adaptor in the pen. You can use other adaptors, which let you work with more than one nib in a pen. To exchange adaptors, push out the old adaptor and insert the new. 

    Other nibs you can use in this pen

    If you also use the Hunt 101, Brause Bandzug and our Sketch nibs in this adaptor.

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