Manga G with Overfeed Pump Pen

If you enjoy drawing with a Manga G nib, this is the pen for you. This pen feeds ink to the nib automatically so you don't have to dip. When you want a stronger flow, just press the pump. 

The Manga G nib is popular with a variety of artists, including fine artists, illustrators, sketchers, and calligraphers. It is a strong, flexible nib that comes to a very fine point.

You can choose between three popular Manga G nibs - Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa. The Zebra nib will also accommodate the Titanium version. Be sure to select your G nib choice at the bottom of this product description, just above the Add to Cart button. If you're unsure of which nib to use, watch Connie Chen's YouTube video Calligraphy Nib Review: G Nibs illustrating the advantages of each G nibWe summarize her conclusions on our page About our Manga G Pens

The overfeed is a device that increases the flow of ink to the tip of the nib, and lets you draw wider lines for a longer time. We strongly recommend using overfeeds with flexible dip nibs, such as the Manga G. 

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and insert the new nib.  

Adjustments you can make

You can adjust the positions of the Manga G nib and our matching feed to find the sweet spot for your pen. We try to make the nib and feed fit correctly, but you are dealing with an inexpensive dip nib. Slide the nib back and forth on the feed and slide the feed in and out of the pen until you find the right combination that works for you.

Using other nibs in this pen

If you order the Zebra Manga G, you can use the Brause Rose, Brause Bandzug and our Sketch nibs in this pen. 

If you order the Nikko or Tachikawa Manga G, you can also use the Hunt 101 nib. 


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