Manga G Pump Pen and Fountain Pen Kit

Draw with three popular Manga G nibs in our Pump Pen and our Fountain Pen. Manga G nibs are very popular with a wide range of artists. These nibs are very flexible and well made, so they last a long time.

Opinions vary on which Manga G nib is the best. What's best for you depends on what you enjoy and what you want to do.

Gravity flow works in both pens, but the Pump Pen lets you force more ink to the nib. 

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About our Pump Pens

Our pump pens are ideal for encouraging the flow of ink or paint. This is especially useful when you want to:

  • Ink in large areas such as backgrounds
  • Force more ink when you want to draw more quickly or work with quill nibs that can have a constrained ink flow
  • Kick start the flow when you just refilled the pen

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About this kit

This kits provides one Pump Pen and one Fountain Pen with two feeds and three nibs. The three Manga G nibs are made by Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa. One feed fits the Zebra Manga G nib while the other feed fits the Nikko and Tachikawa Manga G nibs. This is all you need to get the best out of both pens and all three nibs.

About the reservoir

You can double the volume of ink or paint stored in the pen by removing the reservoir and filling the body. The reservoir provides a double wall of guaranteed protection, which might be what you want, but it does reduce your carrying capacity.

Other nibs you can use

  • Use the Zebra Manga G feed for th Brause Rose nib, our Sketch nibs, most other Brause nibs, selected Osmiroid nibs, and popular Hunt drawing nibs, such as the 22B, 56 and 101
  • Use the Nikko/Tachikawa feed for those nibs and Principal nibs
  • Insert one of our adaptors to draw and write with crowquills or Gillott 303 nibs

Brush Attachment

You can attach our Brush Attachment Tool to the back of Fountain Pen and Pump Pen and use it to wash your drawing or add one shade of watercolor.

What you get in the package

  • One Pump Pen
  • One Fountain Pen
  • Two feeds, one for the Zebra Manga G nib, the other for the Nikko and Tachikawa Manga G nibs
  • Three Manga G nibs made by Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa
  • User instructions

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