Manga G adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify your pen so you can draw with a Manga G nib that is not made by Zebra. The Manga G nib is a modern nib that has become very popular with a wide range of artists, from casual sketchers through fine artists to calligraphers.

Adaptors let you adapt your Pump Pen or Fountain Pen for use with a different type of nib.

The adaptor contains one Manga G nib (not made by Zebra) and matching feed and fits into our Fountain Pens or Pump Pens. 

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and insert the new nib. 

This adaptor accepts all Manga G nibs except the Zebra brand, and nibs of an identical size and shape. 

If you want to order this adaptor for an earlier model pen, please send a message to 

Specify your pen

You need to specify what type of Ackerman pen you have. Choose between pens with overfeeds or spacers and pens without overfeeds. Select Yes below if your pen has an overfeed, otherwise accept the default No. 

About our Manga G pens

We sell four types of pens that accept Manga G nibs. Read about our pens that hold Manga G nibs

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