Large Nib Feed

This feed fits all of our black pens.

There are three versions based on flow rate:

  • Standard
  • Improved
  • Hi-flow

Standard feed

This is the feed currently provided in our large nib pens, including the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and our Sketch nibs. 

  • Easy to use, just press in and pull out
  • Designed for popular drawings inks using Noodler's Black as the standard


This is an improved version of our standard feed described above. 


Our standard feed with a widened ink channel more suitable for traditional India inks. 

All our feeds

You can use the following nibs with all our large nib feeds:

  • Hunt 22B
  • Hunt 56
  • Hunt 101
  • Brause Brandzug
  • Brause Ornamental
  • Most Osmiroird

. . . and nibs with a similar size and shape. If you find other nibs that work, please tell us.