Hunt 101 adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify your Pump Pen so you can draw with a Hunt 101 nib. A Hunt 101 nib is provided with this pen. 

Adaptors let you adapt your Pump Pen or Fountain Pen for use with a different type of nib.

The Hunt 101 nib is Speedball's version of the Principality nib, which was a very popular nib 100 years ago. This is a flexible and durable nib, a workhorse for frequent drawers. 

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just slide out the old nib and slide in the new. You can also use nibs that are identical in shape and size to the Hunt 101, such as non-Zebra Manga G nibs. 

You can order five Hunt 101 nibs

If you want to order this adaptor for an earlier model pen, please send a message to

Two choices of size

Be sure to order the right size for your Gen 10 pen. You have two choices: adaptors for pens with overfeeds/inserts and without. Select Yes below if your pen has an overfeed or insert, otherwise, No is the default selection. 

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