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Gillott 303 Fountain Pen

Draw or write with a Gillott 303 nib in our Fountain Pen. The Gillott 303 has a long history, over 150 years of continuous use. 

  • Contains one Gillott 303 nib and matching feed
  • Replace the nib when it wears down or snaps - slip out the old and stick in the new
  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink or acrylic paint
  • Large capacity cartridge - draw all day and don't worry about running out
  • Cap posts on the back

You can double the volume of ink or paint stored in the pen by removing the reservoir and filling the body. The reservoir provides a double wall of guaranteed protection, which might be what you want, but it does reduce your carrying capacity. 

    What you get in the package

    • One Fountain Pen
    • One Gillott 303 nib and matching feed
    • User instructions

    For more pen details

    You can order additional Gillott 303 nibs.  

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