Gillott 303 adaptor for Small Demonstrators


Use this adaptor to modify your Small Demonstrator so you can draw with a Gillott 303 nib. 

The Gillott 303 nib is a very popular nib that has been used by artists and illustrators for over 150 years. 

We provide adaptors so you can draw with different nibs in the same pen. Just push out the old adaptor and press in the new. 

You can remove the old nib and insert the new nib. 

This adaptor is dedicated to the Gillott 303 nib, and nibs of an identical size and shape. This includes Gillott 404 nib but not the 170. 

Note: This adaptor only fits our Small Demonstrator pens.

You can add five Gillott 303 nibs to your order. 

Note: We are currently out of stock with Gillott 303 nibs. 


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