Feeds for Small Nibs

These feeds support the following nibs:

  • Crowquill and Hawk quill
  • Gillott 303
  • Leonardt Principal
  • Manga G nibs made by Nikko and Tachikawa

You can insert and remove these feeds from adaptors that fit our Fountain Pens and Pump Pens. Each adaptor is designed to hold a specific nib with the matching feed in the correct position. You need the right adaptor to hold the nib and feed together correctly. These feeds are replacements for the adaptors you already have. 

If the feed gets stuck in the adaptor, you can try to twist it out, or you can use our Front End Tool a tool to poke out the nib and feed from the adaptor. You can also use the tool to poke out the adaptor from the pen. 

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