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Feeds for Large Nibs

Our large nib feeds support these nibs:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Brause Rose
  • Our Sketch nibs
  • Other Brause nibs
  • Some Osmiroid nibs
  • Selected Hunt nibs, including the 22B, 56, 99 and 101 Imperial

Note: We are currently out of stock for separate feed sales. Check back towards the end of July 2020 when we will have more in stock. 

These feeds fit our black and clear demonstrator pens and provide the following flow rates.

  • Standard flow feed works with most popular drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic
  • Rich flow feed works with thicker inks and paints, especially traditional India inks and acrylic paints

We can't predict which feed will work best for you because many variables control the flow rate of ink and paint. These feeds control the largest variable, which is the size of the channel that feeds ink to the nib. 

By default we ship the Standard flow feed, which works with most inks and paints. If you find this feed does not suit your needs, you can exchange it for the Rich flow feed.

You can insert and remove these feeds by hand. 

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