Feed and Nib Tool

Use this tool to press out feeds and adaptors from Fountain Pens, Pump Pens, and adaptors.

Use the thick end to press out feeds and adaptors from the pen. Use the thin end to press out feeds and nibs from adaptors.

You can remove nibs, feeds, and adaptors by hand most of the time, but ink and paint can dry out and bind the parts inside the pen. 

To press out feeds and adaptors, slide the thick end of the tool into the back of the body, then gently wiggle the tool and push out the feed or adaptor. 

To press out nibs and feeds from adaptors, slide the thin end into the back of the adaptor, then push out the nib and feed. 

You can use your own tool to push out nibs, feeds, and adaptors. You can use the narrow end of chopsticks, metal rods, anything at hand that fits into the pen. Most well equipped hardware stores sell metal rods of various diameters.  

Note: The product shot shows the same tool from two different ends. You don't get two tools each time you order, unless you order two tools.

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