Double Ended Pump Pen

We designed this pen for people who like to use two tools in quick succession, like drawing lines, then washing the drawing, or drawing with a crowquill, then lettering with a Manga G.

This pen holds two tools, one in each end. The most frequent configuration is a nib in one end and a brush in the other. This lets you draw with line, then wash the line. Some people use two nibs, say, a Manga G and a crowquill. 

Double Ended Pump Pen

    Be sure to select the configuration you want in your pen. We provide a list of the most frequently used configurations for the Configuration list below. If you want another configuration, select Custom and send us an email message specifying what you want. We won't ship the pen until we hear from you. If you forget to send us a message, we will write and ask you. 

    There's a pump for each tool. The pumps are aligned on opposite sides of the pen body so you can spin the pen in your hand, and the pump always ends up right where you want it. You can draw, spin, wash, spin and draw again repeatedly and not miss a beat. 

    For those of you unfamiliar with our Pump Pens, these are pens that let you increase the flow of ink by pressing the pump. You get what you press, from a drop to a gush. It's a great way to start the flow with a new tool, o puddle out ink for a black background or to give a good wash to your drawings. 

    The caps on this pen have adjustable tops so you can expand or reduce the internal volume surrounding the tool. You can see the range of adjustment below - top cap is pressed in, bottom cap is pressed out. 

    Double Ended Pump Pen caps, two

    Notice the air hole under the clip. Spin the clip to expose the hole when you cap or uncap the pen. Spin the clip back to seal the cap. 

    You can remove the tool to clean or replace it. Just slide out the nib/brush to clean it, then press it back in. You can order replacement brushes and nibs. 

    The pen when capped is almost 7" long, so you aren't going to carry this in your shirt pocket unless you have a hole at the bottom of the pocket.  

    Double Ended Pump Pen capped

    You fill the pen like an eye dropper. Remove one of the tools and pour in the ink.