Clear Cut Nib Pump Pen

Enjoy drawing and lettering with our Clear Cut nibs in a fountain pen.

Use any ink or paint, especially India ink or acrylic paint. These pens are designed for thicker media, although you can use them with thicker inks too. You fill the body with ink or paint. This gives you a very large capacity. Three seals ensure against leakage. 

Press the pump when you want a stronger flow. This helps when you start with a new nibs or you want to fill in large areas with a single color. 

    Drawing and lettering with our Clear-Cut nibs is a new drawing experience. These nibs are very smooth and skate across the paper. The nib emulates a feather quill, which lets you draw a wide variety of lines. Twist and turn the nib for different effects. Put a bit of pressure on the tip to deform it for different effects. The tip springs back to its original shape as soon as you relieve the pressure. You can get a wider variety of drawn lines with our clear nibs than you can with the most flexible metal nib.

    You can shape the tip of the nib to suit your purpose - everything from chisel tip to pointed. In this regard, it is just like a feather quill or bamboo pen. Our Clear Cut nibs are ideal for broad point lettering and scrolling as well as broad stroke freehand drawing. Read more about shaping Clear Cut nibs. This is a PDF you can view and download. 

    Clear Cut nibs work better with thicker inks and paint. We find a less viscous acrylic paint or a traditional acrylic paint blended with air brush solution ideal. You can move your clear nib pen effortlessly in an direction and leave behind a nice solid bead of liquid acrylic behind. Combined with the skating effect of the nib, acrylic paint adds to the smoothness. 

    These are not plastic nibs, although the material looks and behaves like plastic. These nibs are made from cellulose acetate, which is a polymer made from wood pulp or cotton fiber. These nibs are 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable. They are also waterproof and resilient - they won't degrade while you are using them. 

    You can order extra Clear-Cut nibs

    Pick your size nib

    We provide Clear Cut nibs in three sizes: small, medium and large. We describe our experience with each size nib below, but you might get different results. 

    Select the size you want to use at the bottom of this product page for the Nib size list below. 

    • Small Clear Cut nibs are best with thicker inks and thinner acrylic paint, such as India ink and Golden High Flow Acrylic. 
    • Medium Clear Cut nibs are best with thicker India inks and traditional acrylic paint diluted with airbrush solution.
    • Large Clear Cut nibs work best with traditional acrylic paint. 

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