Clear Cut Nib Fountain Pen

Enjoy drawing and lettering with thicker inks and paints using our Clear Cut nibs in a Fountain Pen with a narrow bore.

  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink and acrylic paint
  • Especially designed for thicker inks and thinner paints, such as calligraphy inks, traditional India ink (with shellac) and thing acrylic paints, such as Golden High Flow
  • Shape the nibs to your purpose
  • Easy to clean - flush and brush

Drawing and lettering with our Clear Cut nibs is a new experience. The nibs are smooth and skate across the paper. You can lay down a bead of color that reminds you what color is all about. You can get a wide variation of line by altering the pressure of your hand as well as shaping the tip of the nib.

For calligraphers who have been around for awhile, these used to be called the Braun Embouchure nib. We've brought them back to life and improved their quality and performance. 

We also sell Clear Cut Nib Pump Pens.

Nib sizes

You have a choice of three nib sizes. 

  • Small nibs designed for India ink and thinner paints, such as Golden Hi Flow Acrylic
  • Medium nibs designed for thicker inks and paints that 
  • Large nibs designed for the thickest inks and paints

These descriptions are rules of thumb.

About Clear Cut Nibs

Clear Cut Nibs are flexible nibs you can fashion to your purpose. You can twist and bend them while working with the pen to get different effects. You can also shape the end to give you different types of drawing lines. They are not plastic nibs. They are made from 100% recyclable material.

    Every pen comes with three nib sticks, one in the pen, two on a card.

    Learn about using clear cut nibs.

    You can order additional Clear Cut nibs.

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