Brause Rose with Overfeed adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify your fountain pen or small fountain pen so you can draw with a Brause Rose nib and an overfeed.  

  • The Brause Rose nib is a flexible strong nib that is popular with a wide range of artists, from casual sketchers through fine artists to calligraphers. 
  • You can remove the nib to clean or replace it. 
  • The overfeed is designed for flexible nibs. It rests on top of the nib and lets you draw wider and longer lines. 
All our fountain pens and small fountain pens come with one adaptor in the pen. You can use other adaptors, which let you work with more than one nib in a pen. To exchange adaptors, push out the old adaptor and insert the new. 

Other nibs you can use . . .

You can use the Zebra Manga G, Brause Bandzug, Hunt 56, and our Sketch nib in this adaptor.

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