Brause Rose Pump Pen

If you enjoy drawing with the Brause Rose nib, you might enjoy this pen. This fountain pen contains one Brause Rose nib and feeds ink to the nib automatically so you don't have to dip the nib. 

The Brause Rose nib is a long flexible nib that is popular with a variety of artists who enjoy the range of lines it can provide. Due to its extreme flexibility, we recommend you order the Brause Rose with Overfeed Pump Pen. The overfeed improves the performance of this nib considerably. That's why I wrote "might enjoy" in the first sentence. Some people get this pen to work very well for them. No one has complained about its performance. I cannot get this pen to perform as well as I would like, so that's why I am providing my conditional affirmation. 

You can remove the Brause Rose nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and insert the new nib. 

You can also use other nibs of a similar size and shape to the Brause Rose nib. This includes Manga G nibs made by Zebra, Nikko, and Tachikawa among others, as well as the Brause Bandzug and Brause Ornament nibs.

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