Brause Bandzug Small Demonstrator Fountain Pen

A clear Fountain Pen with a Brause Bandzug nib. If you like to draw or letter with a Brause Bandzug nib, keep track of your ink use, and handle a pretty pen, this is the pen for you. 

The pen contains the Brause Bandzug nib and our matching feed. The Brause Bandzug nib is popular with calligraphers as a broad point or chisel tip lettering nib. This is the only chisel tip we support. It's a popular nib, and the shank fits all Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and Sketch nib pens. 

You can replace the nib easily - just pull it out and stick in the new nib. Close fit, nice ink flow. 

It fits into small pockets, narrow sleeves in back packs, and other tight places. Great for quick sketching on the fly in the field as well as studio work.

You can keep your eye on the color ink you're using and how much is left to work with. You can also see if any ink leaked into the cap before uncapping the pen. 

To fill the pen, unscrew the back, remove the cartridge and fill it, then replace the cartridge and screw on the back. 

Other nibs you can use in this pen

You can also use the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, Hunt 56, and our Sketch nibs in this pen. 

Extra cartridges

This pen uses the Pilot Namiki cartridge. You can buy them from us, at most pen stores, as well as from Amazon and other online dealers. 

Namiki box and cartridge

You can buy additional cartridges from us for US$1.00. 


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