Brause Bandzug Fountain Pen

If you enjoy lettering with the Brause Bandzug nib, you will love this pen. This fountain pen contains one Brause Bandzug nib and feeds ink to the nib automatically so you don't have to dip the nib. 

The Brause Bandzug nib is popular with calligraphers as a broad point or chisel tip lettering nib. 

This is our newest model Fountain Pen - slip on cap, screw in reservoir. This is our most versatile pen. You can use also use the Brause Ornament nibs.

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and stick in the new nib. 

You can retain the topside reservoir on the Brause Bandzug nib, however, the reservoir is superfluous now that ink and paint are fed automatically to the nib. 

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