Music Nibs

Our Music nibs are durable and flexible sketching nibs that respond to light hand pressure and give a nice range of line variation. You can move them quickly in any direction and not worry that the tip will snag on the paper. These nibs are durable so difficult to "spring" or bend too far. Polish the tip to keep them smooth. You can also reshape the tip for different effects, such as stub, chisel, steno and "handed nibs" for right and left handed drawers. These are work horse drawing nibs for people who like to draw quickly.

Our Music nibs are not traditional nibs in the sense that they have two ink channels instead of one and three tynes instead of two. This lets you draw wider lines than with standard nibs. The name "Music nib" indicates their original intended use - they were designed for musicians who wanted to write western musical notation where the horizontal lines are usually thin and the vertical lines are thicker. Music nibs are perfect for this type of drawing.

You can compare these nibs to our Sketch nibs, which are similar in size, shape and material, but provide a traditional drawing nib profile with one ink channel instead of two and two tynes instead of three.

Our Music nibs fit our Large Nib feeds. They are similar in size and shape to Manga G nibs.

What you get

  • One Music nib
  • Instructions for use

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Cena regularna
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Cena regularna
$ 15.00
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